Bathurst Watershed History

Bathurst Heritage Trust Commission was established in 1988 on motion of Bathurst City Council and incorporated in 1989. Long term goals include;

Village Bridge early 1900s

    Bathurst 1919

The Micmacs were the first known group of people to settle in area once called Winkapiguwick. In the 1600's, the Governor of Acadia established the fishing settlement known as Nepisiguit. This settlement finally became Bathurst in 1826 after the Earl of Bathurst, who was then Colonial Secretary.

Drawing of the village of Bathurst @1850

Tetagouche Falls, sans dam

Development of this area has been dependent on its natural resources and its enterprising and hard working population. During the 1800's, the Bathurst Watershed depended on ship building. When the era of wooden ships ended, the area began depending on lumber and pulp mills. Since the mid-1950s, extensive mining operations have also played a large part in our growth and developent.

In terms of cultural awareness, our Watershed has changed over the centuries. The city has a good combination of French, English, Irish and Scots, to mention only a few of the major nationalities. Overall, the Nepisiguit Watershed is rich in cultural and historic features.

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