Sustainable Snowmobiling

DID YOU KNOW...One litre of oil can contaminate 1,000,000 litres of water!

    Did you know...The 2 quarts of oil it takes to fill your engine can form a 4-acre oil slick if spilled into the environment!

    Snowmobiling may well be the best winter outdoor adventure this region has to offer. To ensure that this activity can continue for years to come, without hurting the environment, we must ensure care is taken during snowmobile maintenance.

    Now what's a little oil? Well, it doesn't take much! Oil is extremely toxic to fish, mammals, and birds. It can seriously damage the aquatic environment.

    When used motor oil, gas or antifreeze, is leaked onto ice, it is easily absorbed by the ice. Because ice is porous, oil or gas spreads easily. Eventually, it gets washed down to our local waterways where fish, wildlife and shorelines are harmed.

    Only the prevention of spills is the most logical method of reducing the problem of oil pollution.

    When adding oil or gas to your snowmobile, remember:

    The only recommended way to dispose of used oil is to put
    it into a sturdy container, label it, and take it to your local garage.

    The quality of our waters depends on the wise use of resources by communities and individuals alike. By doing your part now, you can help prevent further damage to the Bathurst Harbour and Basin in future.

    Do your part - treat the environment with respect and take all used oil products to depots where trained staff will dispose of them for you.

    Would you like additional information on this subject or any other environmental concern? We can help! Please contact us at:

    Bathurst Sustainable Development
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    Bathurst NB E2A 3Z1
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