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    Ice Fishing Shanties

    Did you know...

    The use of ice fishing shanties is regulated by the Water Quality Regulation (Regulation 82-126)in the Clean Environment Act.

    Some highlights of the regulation include:
  • Any structure placed on the ice must be mounted on runners or skids.

  • The structure's exterior must have the name and address of the owner clearly written in letters at least three inches high.

  • The structure must be removed from the ice before melting can cause the shanty to be deposited into or upon the water.

  • All waste must be removed and transported from the shanty and eliminated with regular household waste.

  • For safety reasons, all holes not under surveillance and of a diameter of 250 mm (10 inches) or more, must be indicated with a 6 ft. pole.

  • Infraction of this regulation may result in a minimum fine of $500.00.

  • The Departments of Environment and Natural Resources will conduct regular inspections of ice fishing zones to enforce this regulation.

    Why follow the regulation?

    Many New Brunswickers enjoy ice fishing on our many lakes, rivers, bays and harbours. The Bathurst Harbour is no exception. Numerous shanties peppered throughout the Harbour indicate the sport is a popular winter hobby that attracts many. Unfortunately, from experience we know that waste left behind, during and at the end of the ice fishing season, does have an impact. The smelt fishery, as well as other aquatic animals and birds are negatively affected by garbage and pollution. Garbage thrown in the water will not disappear. It will eventually wash up on the shores of the harbour, Youghall Beach and Carron Point.

    So garbage thrown away is not "out of sight- out of mind"; it is a problem that will affect the Bathurst Harbour habitat for a very long time. Please do your best to keep Bathurst beautiful, and never ever throw garbage into the water below.

    New / Nouveau Brunswick

    For more information on regulation or our project, please contact us at 547-7243.

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