Bathurst Community Garden Program

                         Welcome to the Victoria Park Community Garden!

The purpose of this community garden is to provide citizens access to public land to grow their own food, flowers, trees and native plants, to encourage more green spaces, increase biodiversity and to assist citizens, non profits and local governments in working together towards greater sustainability and solutions to climate change. It also contributes to neighborhood improvement, increases property values, increases participation in active and sustainable living, and creates a connection to the environment. 
Our garden has an “Outdoor Program” which includes learning opportunities, tours, and social events.This garden has 31 plots which are 10’ x 10’ plus 4 raised beds for gardeners with physical challenges.Water is provided through a rain water collection system.The garden also has a composting program. 
Thank you to our partners :
City of Bathurst and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. 
Bathurst Sustainable Development, a nonprofit organization, is the steward of the Bathurst Community Garden Program. Any citizen living in Bathurst, who wishes to have a garden plot or help us with garden program, may do so!   

Victoria Park Community Garden Contract                                                        

Community Garden Plan

Community Garden Newsletter and Fall Events for 2010 

Community Garden Newsletter and Fall Events for 2009

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