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Solar, Wind and Renewable Energy Suppliers in Atlantic Canada

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The first Phase of the Solar Program for which we have received funding is for The Solar Mapping Project.

Goals: Bathurst Sustainable Development will conduct a curb side assessment to identify which of the residential and commercial properties in the City of Bathurst are currently suitable for the instillation of solar hot water and solar air heating systems to help to divert some of their dependency on fossil fuels, help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and assist them to begin to convert to renewable energy. The properties information will be placed into a GIS layer to be incorporated into the Cities mapping and the mapping of Bathurst Sustainable Development. Prospective property purchasers and current owners will be able to check with BSD or the City to identify properties which are suitable for solar panels. Click on the Bathurst Solar Map below! A survey of the City population will also be conducted to determine the interest and knowledge level in the topic of Solar Energy Conversion. The Survey Report is at the end of the Final Project Report. The project began February 1, 2004 was completed January 31, 2005. Look up your Civic Address by clicking on the Solar Assessment File below to read your buildings Solar Assessment . If you do not find your building listed by its Civic Number in the Solar assessment File, check in the Key Code document by clicking on the Key Code link above. 

Solar City Project

The Solar City Project ended April 30, 2006 with a total of 46 solar thermal air heating units being installed by homeowners and 4 Solar Hot Water units being installed by homeowners in both NB and PEI. A total of 7 Solar Max units were installed in PEI. Solar Grants are no longer available through Bathurst Sustainable Development (BSD). On behalf of BSD, the installers, engineers and homeowners we wish to thank Eco Action and REDI for their support of this project. The final report will be posted on this site soon.

Solar Max Model R. A. 240 Air Heating System

   (Designed to provide supplementary heating to your home powered by the sun)                          
Cansolair RA240  Solar Max
Shipping and Crating Fees
1 basic
South Facing Wall Mount: For the Solar Max, Model RA240, the unit must be placed on a South, South west or South East facing wall. No roof installations are permitted by the CSA and Certification Standards due to snow load weight restrictions in Northern NB.
Orders and Site Assessments can be made by contacting:  
Bathurst Sustainable Development
Tel: 1-506-548-2106       Fax: 1-506-545-7838
Additional technical specifications of the system and space required for installs are may be obtain from BSD or by visiting the Cansolair Inc. web site at  www.cansolair.com .



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