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In the communities of Bathurst and Beresford, residences, schools, businesses and all other buildings obtain their water either though the municipal water system supplied by the City of Bathurst or through their own private well located on their property.
For those that are on the municipal water system, the source of the water is the Middle River Watershed and the Carter’s Brook Watershed. The City of Bathurst manages a water treatment system, operates two reservoirs and supplies the municipal water distribution system for both Bathurst and Beresford which supplies potable drinking water to a combined population of close to 18,000 citizens, plus commercial, institutional and industrial facilities.
The entire Middle River and Carter’s Brook watersheds cover an area of approximately 22 740 hectares.The Middle River and Carter’s Brook watersheds are partially located within the boundaries of the City of Bathurst but also geographically overlap the municipal boundary and extend outside of the city limits. Only 20% of the designated watershed area and river is actually within the boundaries of the city limits of Bathurst.
The remaining river area and designated watershed area extend approximately 20 km north-west and then split into the North and South branches of Middle River. These two branches end just before where the Gloucester County line meets the junction of the Restigouche and Northumberland County lines and just a few km before Caribou Depot. The majority of the water supply for Middle River is derived from fresh water springs and seasonal runoff from snow melt and rainfall. The major tributaries of Middle River include Cherry Brook and Nine Mile Brook.
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